Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Isabel & Michael

"Michael and I would like to thank you for all your help with our new Condo purchase. Having just moved from Huntsville at the end of February we had to make our first home purchase in 30 years. Not having bought a condo before left us ignorant of the issues involved; this was even more of an issue when we found our rental condo was being sold right from under us. You gave us a valued assessment of the condo's value. on tenants rights, on the strategy of making an offer. You went far above and beyond in protecting our interests. In addition, you were able to put us in touch with an excellent mortgage broker and lawyer. Joan, we can't thank you enough for your advice and help with every step of the buying process. You provided spectacular service."

By: Tracy Jones

"Joan Horne's professionalism and experience make her a top rated Realtor but her authentic dedication to her clients make her exceptional. Joan provided expert advice that pulled all the pieces together, from status certificates to electrical inspections to service cancellations, making selling the property a stress free experience. I felt that Joan was there for me, providing support and guidance thru each step of the process. I highly recommend working with Joan."

By: Stephanie Gibson & Patrick Normand (for Lina Ansourian)

"We bought a house! Buying a house, especially our first house, was a scary, and honestly a very difficult journey. We had many heartbreaks and lots of questions and Lina was always there to lend her expertise. Lina constantly went above and beyond our expectations helping us late at night and early in the morning, even doing research to get us better answers for our questions. Thank you Lina for helping us purchase our perfect house, we are very excited to start making it a home. If you are looking for a realtor you can trust, we recommend Lina!"

By: Ian Manser (for Stan Adams)

"Stan Adams is not only a fantastic real estate agent who is incredibly intelligent and funny and has all of our best intentions in mind, he is also warm hearted, patient, and is the kind of guy you could fall asleep and keep signing papers knowing everything is just the way it should be. We will truly miss him and would recommend him to anyone. Great experience and a big thanks to the whole team for a remarkable service."

By: Johnny and Ani (for Lina Ansourian)

"Lina has been a tremendous throughout the entire process. It was evident that she went above and beyond what most agents would do. Long countless hours were spent researching our listing market before and during the entire process while giving us constant updates on other home transactions. It felt like she always put our home first as she really did a good job in emphasizing our homes great selling features to other agents and potential buyers. There were also many times when she was keeping us informed during late hours of the night as she had discussions with other interested buying agents. I highly recommended Lina Ansourian for your real estate needs."

By: Hagop and Tamar (for Lina Ansourian)

"Thank you Lina for an unforgettable experience! You are the reason we found our wonderful first home in Canada and helping us with your knowledge to secure the house with competing offers on it, as well as being there for any personal help at any hour of the day! I would recommend you without a second thought because you are all around a good person at heart!"

By: Courtney and Luke (for Stan Adams & Andy Beckman)

"Working with the Stan Adams Team has been fantastic! Our situation was fairly complicated with selling two homes in two different cities plus buying a new home, but our sales representative, Andrew, was up to the challenge. We were thrilled with both his and Stan’s attentiveness and expertise. Our timelines were met easily, and we found the house of our dreams! Thank you to the whole team for making this a stress-free process!"

By: Trina and Don (for Lina Ansourian)

"I had the pleasure of working with Lina on the purchase of our first home in Canada. She exceeded expectations at every stage of the process. She was instrumental in helping us secure a short-term rental, patient and accommodating when we had questions during negotiations, organized and knowledgeable throughout the inspection and financing period and ultimately helped us close the deal within 30 days. I highly recommend Lina and look forward to working with her in the future."

By: Lucas and Lidiane (for Lina Ansourian)

"Lina, we want to thank you for the excellent work and commitment in helping us to rent the ideal house, and for trusting and believing in us. Thanks to your work my family will enjoy the comfort of home that is much more than we expected. Thank you!"

By: Mr. & Mrs. John and Mary (for Stan Adams)

"This letter is to comment on the service I received from Stan Adams of RE/MAX Real Estate Centre in Cambridge ON. Mr. Adams represented my Wife and I in Selling our House and purchasing our new Home in a condo. In doing so, Stan took us step by step through the process, making sure we knew exactly where we stood and consulted us in every way to assure we knew the pros and cons of every decision we were to make. Not only did our house sell literally overnight, we got just what we listed it for and now enjoy the comfort of our new Home and all was done without a hitch! Stan Adams is very professional and always returns his calls expediently. His manner is very refreshing, makes You feel like you have been best friends for years and that You can count on him, AND YOU CAN!!!! If you are in need of a Real Estate agent that will represent you, with your interest number one priority, then you need Stan Adams! Thanks for all your devoted time and help."

By: Nicole and Mike (for Lina Ansourian)

"Thank you for all your help Lina. You were so helpful with questions we had and made the hard process of renting a total breeze. We appreciate everything you did for us!"

By: Hannah and Cory (for Lina Ansourian)

"Working with Lina to find our rental home was a fantastic experience. She went above and beyond to be helpful and acted in our best interest in this extremely competitive market. Since we didn't live in the Cambridge area, she went out of her way to accommodate me and kept me informed of every step of the process through email, text and phone. Lina is the reason we were able to find a perfect home for our family. She was our advocate and advisor and we will not hesitate to call Lina when we are looking to purchase our first home in a few years, and recommend her to any and all friends who are in need of a realtor. Thanks again Lina for your dedication and hard work in finding the perfect home for our family! I mean every word - I very much have appreciated working with you Lina!"

By: Jan and Nabila (for Lina Ansourian)

"I am so thankful to have you as an agent Lina. We enjoyed searching for houses with you. Thank you for helping us find the perfect home. We will be referring you to all of our friends because of your excellent service."

By: Keshav and Mona (for Stan Adams)

"Stan Adams helped us in buying our very first home and he is very friendly and helpful. He always returns the calls no matter what time you call him For us with the little kids, it was a bit harder to keep the appointment with him on time but he never complained and was always there to help us. Even after moving i called him a couple of times for certain things and he always answered very nicely. He was a real good help. Hopefully after a couple of years when are kids will be bigger and we will need a bigger home then we will ask him to represent us again."

By: Suraj (for Lina Ansourian)

"Lina helped us to find the perfect home according to our requirements and needs. Glad to receive friendly and responsive service. Very much happy to recommend her to my friends."

By: Ross & Linda (for Stan Adams)

"Stan went above and beyond what we expected. We’re more than satisfied."

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